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    >> News Flash: Donkey Votes!   2013-09-11 22:47 Strawman
    Happy with the outcome

    Some of us are born petty and bitter. Others of us have pettiness and bitterness thrust upon them. Such is the calling of federal politics to members of the' Green party who couldn't contain themselves on election night, which saw LDP candidate David Leyonhjelm picking up the fourth federal senate seat in New South Wales.

    According to the Greens, people voted for the Liberal Democratic Party on the NSW senate paper only because they thought they were voting for the Liberal Party.

    Which is kind of odd because the numbers show quite clearly that the LDP didn't push any Liberals out of the senate in NSW. They pushed out the Greens (who came seventh, and hence missed out on their musical chair). Exactly many preference flows were the Greens expecting from Liberal voters?

    Presumably the Greens feel that the name 'Liberal Democratic Party' is misleading - the LDP merely being proponents of classic Liberalism and Democracy and all that. Or maybe they thought that the words 'liberty' and 'democracy' were invented by the Liberals and the Democrats.

    Since the bitterness of election night the Greens seem to have gone back to brooding sullenly over their organic lentils. Perhaps they realize that if they were to push too hard for truthfulness in party naming, they might come under a little scrutiny themselves. Socialists pretending to represent the environment calling themselves 'Greens'. That's kind of funny - in a truly offensive kind of a way.

    Others have of course have winged that the LDP only won a senate vote quota because they got poll position in the lottery which determines who gets the donkey vote.

    Apparently these detractors think that Australians (or is it just New South Welsh(wo)men?) are too stupid to realise that voting is not a game of pin the tail on the donkey.

    And still others still have dismissed the LDP as right wing gun nuts who will be Tony Abbott's puppets. Maybe these donkeys just got sick of the government's hand shoved up their butts?

    Well, you can't please all the people all the time. If Punch Drunk Tony is expecting the LDP to be meek little bunnies, he may find the tail wagging the donkey.

    >> Bikies get dressing down after Sydney shootings   2012-04-23 20:23 Strawman
    New Clothing Restrictions

    Sydney has long had a reputation as the prostitute and drive-by shooting capital of our proud nation, and the reputation has been reinforced over the last few weeks with a drive-by shooting spree in a bit of bikie-on-bikie action.

    What a tragedy.

    But before joining the sheeple in chanting tired old humanist cliches like "all humans are equal" and "all human life is sacred" and "all discrimination is wrong" lets just step back and classify killings according to binary logic and one appropriate discriminator:

    1. Criminal bikies killing other criminal bikies.
    2. Criminal bikies killing innocent bystanders.
    3. Innocent bystanders killing criminal bikies.
    4. Innocent bystanders killing other innocent bystanders.

    Common sense says that we can eliminate 4), and we like to leave 3) to the Charles Bronsons of the world, so that really leaves criminal bikies killing 1) other bikies, and 2) innocent bystanders.

    Given that criminal bikies are regarded as bad people (hey, they go around shooting people - that's pretty bad right?), what exactly is the problem with them being shot? If a rabid dog attacks and kills another rabid dog, is it really so bad? It doesn't completely solve the problem, but it reduces it by one.

    So that brings to the only problem: bikies killing innocent bystanders. So when is the last time that happened? Well, correct me if I'm wrong Dear Reader, but I seem recall that was at the father's day massacre in 28 years ago - in 1984, in which a 14 year old girl got caught in the cross-fire in a shoot out which also killed six bikies. This resulted in 63 murder convictions shared among 25 bikies.

    A tragedy to be sure, but a rational cost benefit analysis suggests that encouraging rather than discouraging bikies to shoot each other has to be considered as an alternative to the current zero-tolerance-policy. If we could avoid the crossfire killings, then this would be a win-win for both common sense and for public safety.

    Unfortunately, a few stray bullets seem to be ending up in the wrong places lately.

  • People having their houses shot up because their house used to belong to a bikie. Nasty.
  • Getting bullets come through your picture window - bullets which were intended for the flat below you. That's just incompetence.

    But these problems can be solved. Police could publish lists of where the bikies currently live. They could have a web-site, updated daily. In fact, people could check the web-site (or older cached copies of it) before buying or renting a home.

    An as for the bad shots, if the police had an informal arrangement to slow down their response time to bikie-on-bikie action, then they would have more time to aim better. A quiet word with the bikies that shooting involving stray bullets would be investigated with greater zeal might also make them aim a little more carefully.

    But no, the police have to continue to protect the worst elements of society with the same zeal as the innocent bystanders, so innocent bystanders continue to be placed at risk.

    And the government has reacted to the 'crisis' in a predictable way - passing laws to ban 'bikie colors' in some suburbs (like Kings Cross). What a lovely precedent for aspiring statists! Dictating what people can wear is a favorite activity of socialist governments. Just look at the suits that Mao inflicted on his women. Banning 'the kinds of "colors" that bad people wear' is pretty good start.

    I just hope that when the government issues uniforms for us all that they choose someting flattering.

    Red is not my color. Not even in straight jackets.

  • >> If the Slipper fits ..   2012-04-23 17:27 Strawman
    Transparency in government

    On a slow news day, media outlets are abuzz with the news that Speaker Peter Slipper has gotten the boot after allegations of sexual misconduct.

    While every self respecting convict descendant (yes that's most of us, dear fellow Australians) hates politicians, and loves to see these asses hoist by their own petards (regardless of integrity of any accusations made against them) lets just spend a few moments being anally retentive, and try to get to the .. err .. bottom of the claims against him.

    Apparently Peter Slipper is accused of inviting a junior employee to stay at his Canberra house, and then requesting that he shower with the door open. And there is apparently a video of him climbing through junior staffer's windows, spooning him in his in his undies, and urinating out the window.

    What the ...? Sounds like pretty much par for the course at any gay party house. So the guy is accused of what exactly? Being a poofter? Since when did that become a crime again?

    And as for it being sexual harassment, inviting someone to have sex is not sexual harassment. The feminists tried desperately in the eighties to redefine sexual harassment to include any male who ever asked a girl out on a date, but that got old really quickly, as beauty challenged women everywhere had visions of never getting asked out every again, and the feminists alienated themselves from the mainstream female population (not to mention alienating themselves from common sense).

    Even Bill 'I-did-not-have-sexual-relations-with-that-woman' Clinton didn't actually harass Paula Jones by merely dropping his trousers and asking if she wanted sex. His behavior was inappropriate and oafish, but when she declined, he didn't persist, he just pulled up his trousers (and eventually moved onto Monica Lewinsky). That's not sexual harassment, just an invitation for sex.

    Peter Slippery is also accused of

    using his office to foster sexual relations with young male staff members.

    Could it be that men use their positions of wealth, authority and power to attract sexual partners? Somebody alert the media! Well, someone obviously did, and the media went to town with it. And went to the cities, and the airwaves and the internet and ..

    Guys, calm down. Gay politicians, and politicians having affairs with their staffers is nothing new. Don't get so precious about it, dears. It's not really news and getting hysterical about is just a bit silly.

    Actually it's just .. well .. a bit gay.

    >> Safe as Houses   2011-03-23 22:03 Strawman
    Housing Bubble - Boom or Bust?

    Quick Quiz:

    Consider an investment: You have a 50% chance of doubling your money, and a 50% chance of halving it. Quick now: do you take the investment?

    The correct answer, clearly, is yes. If you take out a large number of investments like this you would (on average) increase your capital by 25% each time.

    So, let's apply this to buying real estate. You don't really know if house prices are going to go up or down. Doom-sayers talk about a 'correction' of 50%, while every real-estate agent seems to insist that you will double your money 'in only a few short years'.

    So what do you do? Clearly, you buy now! You borrow the most money you can to buy the most expensive house you can. Not only did the strategy work well for your parents, but the logic above is inescapable. Follow the crowd, and you can't go wrong. Or can you?

    Well, the logic makes a bubble which eventually collapses. The probability of a fall (versus a rise) gets greater and greater, and then property becomes a loss investment.

    So what does this mean? Property won't fall until an overwhelming majority believe that it will fall. When will that be? Who knows.

    In the meantime people will continue to make money. After all, even fools can be right by chance, like one of the most foolish economists in history proclaimed: "Markets can remain irrational a lot longer than you and I can remain solvent".

    >> Nothing says 'look at me' like a stealth fighter   2011-01-16 11:14 Strawman
    Latest PLAthing

    China's PLA has oft been criticized as being little more than a mountain of corrupt flesh. Over-manned, but under-skilled and under-armed. A million collective tonnes of cannon fodder to stand between a billion sullen malcontents and their self corrupt serving government.

    Overwhelming numbers have worked well for the Chinese leadership since building The Great Wall. The government of the day ordered that human flesh be turned into stone and mortar, and it was. A dead body for every meter of wall is a bargain as long as bodies are plentiful and therefore cheap. When it comes to puting a low price on a human life, the Chinese are surpassed only by Muslim terrorists.

    Losing 94 percent of the army in the Long March might have spelled the mother of all defeats for Mao and his band of psychopathic commies, but he still had enough manpower to seize control of Middle Kingdom. Mao understood that The Mob rules. The Mob will always defeat the individual, however powerful, however righteous. It wasn't just the voices of the many which drowned out the few. The sheer mass of numbers assures victory for The Mob.

    The PLA successfully followed that model for half a century, so it might surprise some of us that it has now changed tack. They have copied the American model of spoilt military generals demanding newer and more exciting toys from the technology sector. In this case they have demanded (and apparently received) a shiny new stealth fighter. The Chinese J-20 made an 18 minute maiden flight in Chengdu on January-11.

    Whether this is truly a great leap forward remains to be seen but it does indicate a small revolution in culture. The Chinese are moving away from their flesh based strategy, in pursuit of technological one. Why? Because a mountain of flesh does not make for very effective forward deployment. A stealth fighter does.

    China is about to move from a self-absorbed childhood into a narcissistic but extroverted adolescence. Eventually the best we can hope for is a reserved, if spiteful, adulthood.

    The times are going to be very interesting.

    >> Fashion victims viewed though glass ceiling   2010-07-07 21:09 Strawman
    Redneck fashion

    Feminists love to scream 'victim' of course, and now they are exploiting the genitalia of Australia's new PM to score political points.

    It seems that our new Prime Minister Julia Power-Woman Gillard has made a few fashion faux pas. Like mistakenly wearing a cheap hotel bed-spread, thinking it was a coat.

    Apparently this makes her a victim because 'society' judges women by the way they look, not by the way do they do their jobs. Of course the feminists don't say that 'society' in this case is basically other women (since most men think that a fashionable women is one who is still wearing lacy lingerie in their internet download). But somehow that still makes women victims of a male dominated patriarchal society waging an undeclared war against WIMMIN!. Confused? Well, it gets worse ..

    Now there are calls for fashion-model Julia to be given a special clothing allowance ($70,000 a year of tax-payers money has been suggested) because she is a woman.

    Of course a powerful and confident women couldn't possibly just do what men do - wear a dark colored business suit with a few changes of shirts and splash of color from a cravat or something. No no, the first woman to break the ultimate glass ceiling, the woman who runs the country has no choice but to conform to society's stereotypes.

    In other words, Dear Reader, women should be paid more than men for doing the same job. And here we were thinking that feminists just wanted equal pay for equal work!

    Of course some equal pays are more equal than others.

    >> Policy Overboard   2010-07-07 20:23 Strawman
    Reelection chances refloated

    Every proponent of free markets likes to watch an auction. An auction cuts through the socialist rhetoric about needs, social justice, and humanitarianism. The rubbish about 'the rights of the stakeholders' counts for nothing. The auctioneer doesn't care how much you want something. Saying 'but I really, really want it' doesn't cut much at an auction. The auctioneer will just sell to the highest bidder. If you want it more than the other guy, you'll bid more for it.

    And of course politicians big against each other for votes. Usually they get elected by promising to spend more money than their opponent, but there are bids on other things too. US politicians are well known for having execution auctions ('vote for me because I'll execute more convicts than my opponent'), but in Australia we are more civilized, and politicians normally confine their auctioneering to wasting greater and greater sums of hard-earned for taxpayers money.

    Well, normally.

    Astonishingly, yesterday saw a policy auction between Australian politicians which didn't simply involve spending more money. This auction was about asylum seekers. The Labour and Liberal parties were having a 'we'll deport more asylum seekers than you will' day.

    Julia Australia-needs-a-woman's-compassion Gillard threw down the gauntlet by proclaiming that people should not be labelled 'rednecks' simply for expressing concern over the ever increasing number of boaties.

    Then Tony he-man Abbott started the bidding by saying that he would immediately send anyone back who deliberately destroyed their documentation (asylum seekers are well known for throwing their documentation overboard just before being picked up by Australian Authorities - it makes it harder for Australian Authorities to disprove fabricated claims, and helps to protect their employees - the so called 'people smugglers', who supply transport, logistics, GPS units and the satellite phones they use to ring the Australian navy, demanding to be 'rescued').

    So Julia look-at-what-I'm-wearing Gillard promised to set up an offshore processing center in East Timor. Uninvited boaties would be sent to the center to have their claims processed, and many (like nearly everyone from Sri Lanka) would never even step foot on Australian soil.

    Of course Julia's solution was nothing like Johnny we-will-decide-who-comes-here-and-the-manner-in-which-they-do-so Howard's 'Pacific Solution'. No no. Little Johnny's solution was to have forlorn and destitute asylum seekers in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Julia's solution is to have forlorn and destitute asylum seekers in East Timor. See the difference? Umm .. anyway ..

    This is actually a master stroke by the fashion challenged PM. Because they couldn't possibly reuse infrastructure set by the previous government in Nauru or Papua (that would be inhumane), negotiating with the East Timorese, choosing a site, and setting up the much-more-humane infrastructure in East Timor, will all take time. That is, Dear Reader, it can't possibly happen until after the next election.

    In other words, Julia can call the election, and survive the election campaign without actually doing anything - just making more promises.

    Nice work if you can get it.

    There will be a few awkward moments after the election of course (having to explain why the promised policy changes are now suddenly totally inappropriate), but that is what politicians do. And everything in politics is about winning the next election - focussing on later elections is pointless if the next election is lost, particularly with the half-life of the average political leader resembling a Chernobyl meltdown.

    So Julia has found a solution to take her through an election win. Not a Pacific Solution, not even really a Timor Sea solution. Just a temporary solution. Until the next Labour back flip.

    Julia is seeking asylum in the rhetoric of a tough border protection policy.

    >> French women getting heated up down under   2010-06-27 22:37 Strawman
    Why fuss over this?

    For the proletariat, Ayres Rock is the place to go to have your babies eaten by wild dogs, but the big red rock means considerably more than that to us intellectual elites.

    Uluru (ie Ayres Rock), is an important symbol of traditional Aboriginal culture, and many of us remember being forced to sit in school watching grainy anthropological films of overweight topless Aboriginal women performing their not-so-secret women's business - dancing around at their corroborees, before being forced to write essays on the sanctity of multiculturalism.

    This is a traumatic image which for most of us, thankfully, fades from memory over time. But not so for 25 year old French exotic dancer Alizee Sery, who apparently was to taken by these anthropologist gems that she felt the need to make a tribute to the traditional owners of Ayres Rock, by doing as the local Aboriginal women traditionally did - going topless and dancing. Fortunately for the sake of posterity, she had the presence of mind to bring her own amateur anthropologist to film the event, and then (in the interests of sharing) put the film up on youtube.

    At this point, one could comment merely on the artistic nature of the film. It is foreign film made in Australia, which captures the harsh and rugged beauty of the Australian landscape, and yet contrasts it skillfully with the soft curves of the female form. But that would miss the significant cultural contribution of the film itself.

    It would be hard to imagine the Aboriginal population objecting to anyone doing what they had done themselves for the last 40,000 years or so, but the local Elders seem to have gotten upset once Alizee's film went viral. Local Elders have been so fired up over Alizee's film that they have even demanded her deportation.

    Why on earth would they do such a thing? Maybe they are trying to create a monopoly on topless films? Or maybe they just don't like French?

    >> Political Secrets   2010-05-21 19:23 Strawman
    Coming soon to a politician near you

    In this day and age we are expected to be tolerant of those who are 'different'. 'Different', of course means lots of things, but some of us old timers, 'different' generally meant homosexual.

    Like in the footy for instance - where gay footballers have recently been advised to stay in the closet. Whether closet means 'water closet' or 'locker room' in this instance isn't clear, but basically it's between them, their friends, families, and their locker-room shower-mates. It's none of our business, and most of us like it that that way.

    There is, of course, a principle here. The price we pay for keeping people out of our bedrooms is that we stay out of other people's. And in the case of gay footy players, most of us are happy to oblige.

    But does the same standard apply to politicians? Well, in an ideal world it would. If a senior state-ALP minister were to, say, frequent gay sex clubs (to pick a completely random example), would it be anyone's business apart from his friends, family, gay sex partners, anyone with a video camera, any of his constituents, those who came under his power as a state politician, and everyone disgusted with the fact that state ministers continually set themselves up as the high priests of personal and sexual morality?

    Well, probably not, but that's an awful lot of us.

    Maybe when NSW Transport Minister and closet homo David Campbell campaigned on platform of 'family values' he should have let us know whether he regarded anonymous gay sex partners as 'family'. Maybe calling him self 'Camp Bell' should have rung a .. well .. camp warning bell with the voters, but such things are not generally regarded as reliable indicators. Unlike video evidence.

    In a more rational world, government would limit itself to stopping murder, rape, assault and theft. But politicians with power are like drug addicts. They need more and more control over people's lives.

    What do you say to someone who dictates what people can watch on the TV, what they can access on internet, what they can eat or drink, and who they can marry, and then blames the media for 'unfair media attention of their private lives'? Only three words: ha ha ha.

    Just because the State displays a keen interest in your personal life, does not mean the state is your friend.

    >> Truthful Tony   2010-05-18 22:38 Strawman
    A nose for political opportunity

    We all like to explore our feminine sides occasionally .. getting pampered when we are sick, watching the occasional chick flick, employing that Asian lady with the big boots and the whip ..

    But most of us have no interest in exploring our feminist side. Surely only the most retarded spineless gender apologist would want to to explore total self-loathing. Which brings us to Tony (Sluggo) Abattoir.

    It all started with Sluggo playing to the conservatives, and insisting that a Sluggo-led government wouldn't raise any taxes, or to introduce new ones. Good move Sluggo, and self respecting rednecks raised a glass to you. Or at least a cold can.

    But then he let his teenage daughters talk him around, and convince him to force the taxpayer to finance their reproductive ambitions. Suddenly he was in favor of paying middle class women up to $75,000.00 to pop out a baby - paid for by a great big new tax on big business.

    Then he got cornered by Kerry O'Brien on everyone's ABC and admitted that the two were 'not entirely consistent', and said that he was 'not always entirely accurate' in the heat of verbal combat, that his words couldn't be taken as 'gospel truth' unless they were in writing.

    What was Sluggo thinking? Maybe telling a lie is okay if you say it quickly enough? ABC journalists do present themselves as the high priests of of democratic thought. Maybe Sluggo thought he was back in confessional or something?

    Sluggo is perhaps the first politician honest enough to admit lying. Thanks for your honesty, Tony, but it's a bit hard to sing your praises for this. It's a bit like the partner who loves you enough to admit to having an affair. 'thanks for your honesty you deceiving b...'.

    But enough about the ex- ..

    Normally it's easy to tell when a politician is lying - his lips move. But Tony (Sluggo) Abattoir has proven to be the exception to the rule. A politician telling you that he is a liar, is clearly telling the truth.

    Sluggo is, of course, not the first politician to break promises. Bob Hawke had his 'no child in poverty' mandate, Paul Keating had his 'L.A.W. law' tax cuts, Howard had his 'core promises', Kev's ETS commitments are now on hold indefinitely, and of course there was George Bush Senior's classic: 'Read my lips. No new taxes'.

    But broken promises are not the same as lies. Sluggo, admitting you are lying doesn't make you seem more trustworthy.

    And that's the gospel truth.

    >> Please Sir, I want some more

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    Curation is worse than the disease
    2005-12-10 10:37:50

    VSU - Little Johnny plays the Field
    2005-12-09 23:18:53

    We will fight them on the beaches!
    2005-12-08 23:06:42

    Face-off With Ethics Committee
    2005-12-03 20:54:12

    We are all going to drown!
    2005-12-03 17:21:41

    No Nguyen Situation
    2005-12-01 20:45:41

    Tarnished Glitter
    2005-11-26 19:53:26

    How to keep your cool in the face of adversity
    2005-11-25 21:41:46

    Up in arms over model Islamic convert
    2005-11-22 22:38:02

    Little Johnny is alert but not alarmed
    2005-11-07 19:56:53

    And so it begins
    2005-11-06 21:26:14

    WSPTOTC Part Infinity - Part II
    2005-10-27 19:52:23

    WSPTOTC Part Infinity - Part I
    2005-10-27 19:51:47

    Mail order brides, bum pinching and political suicide
    2005-09-04 23:16:06

    The more things change, the more things stay the same
    2005-09-04 10:05:20

    Katrina's Legacy
    2005-09-04 10:03:49

    2005-08-06 23:21:44

    Lies, damned lies, and industrial reform
    2005-07-30 22:03:14

    Telstra bushwhacked by rural subsidies
    2005-07-28 22:12:04

    Server outage
    2005-07-25 17:25:15

    Dry run for 72 virgins
    2005-07-24 11:01:57

    ID cards back on agenda
    2005-07-15 21:31:47

    Tax evasion - merely a right, or actually an obligation?
    2005-07-15 17:33:19

    Farmer moves to greener pastures
    2005-07-11 19:57:23

    Revenge of the Mob
    2005-07-10 20:54:59

    And the loser is .. London!
    2005-07-07 21:26:09

    Live8 - music for the left ears
    2005-07-03 21:10:01

    Heads up for advertising lobby
    2005-07-02 12:41:29

    Maddog pisses into the tent
    2005-06-29 21:28:19

    Killen time in Deep South
    2005-06-22 20:19:29

    Little Johnny compromises with revolting backbenchers
    2005-06-19 13:28:04

    Chairman Chen changes career path
    2005-06-12 22:49:28

    Money and Power
    2005-06-12 17:33:03

    Free Choice, Evolution and Selfish Genes
    2005-05-30 21:23:20

    Insane detention policy
    2005-05-24 20:12:51

    Muslim / Christian relations in the toilet
    2005-05-16 21:40:45

    Bali - the holiday from Hell
    2005-05-14 23:24:00

    Budget 2005
    2005-05-14 16:54:32

    Rau erupts over immigration errors
    2005-05-14 12:53:35

    No-one to blame but herself
    2005-04-28 19:36:49

    Like father like son
    2005-03-21 21:17:30

    Death to the suicide bombers!
    2005-03-01 19:15:48

    Oriental fetish or reverse racism?
    2005-02-20 18:50:36

    Advance Australia Inc
    2005-01-29 17:35:33

    Kim, Julia and the ALP
    2005-01-29 11:59:55

    Rats in the ranks
    2005-01-26 13:49:42

    Strike three - you're out!
    2005-01-18 20:32:06

    Early Warning
    2005-01-16 20:36:18

    Maddog Lingers
    2005-01-13 18:34:06

    Mourning Kofi goes down well with latte set
    2004-12-31 19:21:11

    Sobering times for Australian Democrats
    2004-12-19 18:27:39

    What women want - seducing married chicks
    2004-12-18 20:53:29

    Advance Australia Fair
    2004-12-16 18:44:20

    Mutual Obligation
    2004-12-06 18:33:58

    Australia's autistic immigration policy
    2004-12-05 01:10:46

    Sharing the road
    2004-12-04 14:37:15

    2004-12-04 14:33:40

    No tall poppy syndrome in Afghanistan's budding economy
    2004-11-25 20:27:14

    Property is theft
    2004-11-25 19:36:35

    Price, Laws get Burned
    2004-11-24 19:36:20

    Accomodating Sex
    2004-11-17 19:38:49

    Termination of the debate
    2004-11-06 17:44:37

    Nurturing the public health system
    2004-10-30 18:07:58

    Thais crush Muslim protests
    2004-10-28 20:30:04

    Latham reduces testosterone on front bench
    2004-10-24 21:18:15

    Rats leave sunken ship
    2004-10-20 21:11:23

    How could they get it so wrong?
    2004-10-13 20:48:34

    Perverts caught in the Net
    2004-10-13 20:12:13

    Taxes ain't taxes
    2004-10-04 11:26:30

    Jakarta Rocks!
    2004-09-09 21:42:42

    Hats off to the French
    2004-09-01 22:50:10

    The Emperor's Old Clothes
    2004-08-27 22:43:40

    New missiles a big hit in Jakarta
    2004-08-26 23:59:01

    Ail the new generation
    2004-08-18 22:52:23

    Children back on board!
    2004-08-17 22:43:20

    Wannabe fails terrorist audition
    2004-07-21 19:33:56

    Radioactive Political Fallout
    2004-07-15 22:37:21

    Left wailing over Israeli wall
    2004-07-12 23:12:51

    Mudslinger cries foul at Dirt Unit
    2004-07-06 22:39:09

    Welfare tit appeals to Australian mothers
    2004-06-27 21:29:09

    Treasurer helps ALP sex up its policies
    2004-06-19 23:00:23

    White males take a beating
    2004-06-18 23:30:29

    It reeks of politics
    2004-06-17 18:30:34

    Fagots simmering over Coalition idiocy
    2004-05-29 10:21:09

    US credibility goes to the dogs of war
    2004-05-15 10:09:35

    US loses moral high ground
    2004-05-02 20:18:42

    The spat on sydney airwaves
    2004-04-28 23:44:43

    Guantanamo Bay - the failure of US justice
    2004-04-25 19:59:37

    Anzac Day
    2004-04-25 18:17:01

    When the going gets tough - cut and run!
    2004-04-14 21:54:08

    Fat Chicks and Feeders
    2004-04-11 18:37:48

    Latham to axe ATSIC
    2004-03-31 19:31:33

    No Silver Bullet for Taiwanese Independence
    2004-03-23 01:45:19

    Sex becomes political football
    2004-03-19 17:17:20

    Political correctness overcooked in Dutch oven
    2004-03-19 00:16:22

    The Reign in Spain
    2004-03-15 21:48:48

    Wedgie Politics reaches ball-breaking level
    2004-03-14 11:31:24

    New tack in boaty strategy
    2004-03-06 07:22:37

    Angry young men in the ghetto
    2004-02-22 01:00:31

    Superannuation - age old ploy
    2004-02-15 23:29:14

    High costs of free trade
    2004-02-09 23:50:22

    Value Judgments - The cost of a human life
    2004-02-02 22:43:49

    Bali Fallout
    2004-01-17 18:21:24

    Thought Crime
    2004-01-15 23:56:09

    Food for thought on Nauru
    2004-01-07 23:53:17

    Axis of Evil Wobbles
    2004-01-01 00:51:07

    Thin Veil of Freedom
    2003-12-30 23:41:48

    It's Latham!
    2003-12-02 20:26:01

    Into the Enemy's Lair
    2003-11-29 23:39:57

    Rest in Peace
    2003-11-29 13:46:05

    Rats Leave Sinking Ship
    2003-11-28 00:09:49

    Political mudslinging over garbage
    2003-11-15 01:20:45

    Picket Fence holds firm for Fortress Australia
    2003-11-14 22:02:32

    Picket Fence holds firm for Fortress Australia
    2003-11-09 13:46:12

    Political Rebirth from Miscarriage of Justice
    2003-11-09 00:39:27

    Johnny's Promotion
    2003-10-20 22:15:33

    Carr Race Issues
    2003-10-16 19:24:02

    China blasts into the 20th century!
    2003-10-15 19:26:36

    Teen Idol - No XS of Talent
    2003-10-06 22:26:07

    Voyage of the Damned
    2003-09-30 18:40:28

    Shuffling the cards no big deal
    2003-09-29 19:38:57

    Barking up the wrong tree
    2003-09-21 20:21:12

    Marginal benefits from taxation
    2003-09-20 11:50:22

    Carr vs Singleton
    2003-09-19 17:14:54

    Outage? What Outage?
    2003-09-19 09:59:54

    Mud thrown in political tussle
    2003-08-28 19:22:15

    2003-08-22 23:34:53

    The nanny state strikes again
    2003-08-17 20:35:48

    Sea Change in Pacific
    2003-08-15 15:41:45

    Land of the Free
    2003-08-14 17:06:14

    ATSIC chair suspended
    2003-08-14 16:57:27

    Wooing church and state
    2003-08-13 00:53:06

    Execution for Smiling Assassin
    2003-08-11 16:19:03

    Futures in terrorism
    2003-07-30 21:29:10

    Roar of protest
    2003-07-27 22:57:18

    Great Leaps of Faith
    2003-07-27 18:35:59

    So long and thanks for all the fish
    2003-07-24 22:39:59

    Cutting the deck
    2003-07-24 18:53:45

    Taking the Streets
    2003-07-19 19:38:23

    Fine balance on axis of evil
    2003-07-12 20:25:15

    Sad Parting
    2003-07-09 22:02:08

    Fat Chicks
    2003-07-06 23:19:17

    Back into Africa - The Devolution of Civil Society
    2003-07-05 18:47:46

    Sex and Politics
    2003-07-05 18:37:15

    Testing the Waters
    2003-07-03 21:42:00

    Johnny's new Pacific solution
    2003-06-25 21:15:13

    Thin edge-of-the-wedge politics
    2003-06-24 23:21:36

    Black child abuse
    2003-06-18 17:45:34

    Chicken-coup fails!
    2003-06-17 16:24:09

    Showdown or meltdown?
    2003-06-09 23:38:07

    Johnny Go Lately
    2003-06-05 21:41:31

    Media Bias or Child's Play?
    2003-05-31 01:09:48

    No Free Lunch for Rene
    2003-05-30 14:24:53

    Weapons of Mass Detraction
    2003-05-30 14:22:12

    Should he stay or should he go?
    2003-05-30 14:17:24

    Federal Budget Set to Maximize Vote Buying
    2003-05-14 00:10:37

    Stepping Down ..
    2003-05-11 22:00:07

    Salvation for Governor General
    2003-05-09 23:56:57

    Resigned to Incumbency
    2003-05-03 00:05:25

    SARS - Chinese Government Casualties
    2003-04-29 23:18:21

    Eugenics Mutating in Academia
    2003-04-23 23:34:30

    Leading The Weigh
    2003-04-23 21:52:52

    They're Baaaaaccckkk ...
    2003-04-22 23:21:54

    Tales from the Orientals
    2003-04-22 00:05:24

    Voting Still Not Fixed
    2003-04-15 20:05:13

    Treasure the Memories
    2003-04-14 23:14:31

    Liberation and Redistribution
    2003-04-12 18:59:30

    Vindication or Humiliation?
    2003-04-12 11:28:43

    Blood, Honor and Technology
    2003-04-09 00:07:10

    Spending Other People's Money
    2003-04-05 01:55:27

    Coalition in Peaces
    2003-04-02 21:12:22

    Supply and Demand
    2003-03-30 01:00:31

    Just War
    2003-03-30 00:22:53

    Saddam: 1 George: 0
    2003-03-28 23:13:54

    Al-jazeera Joins TV War
    2003-03-24 20:58:30

    Rat in the Ranks
    2003-03-21 18:29:47

    Simon Crean - Moron in waiting
    2003-03-20 17:37:33

    All over bar the shooting
    2003-03-19 23:41:46

    Don't Shoot Back
    2003-03-17 10:37:16

    Frogs Jumping
    2003-03-17 10:02:26

    The Moral Majority
    2003-03-13 22:42:40

    Dead UN walking
    2003-03-09 13:15:43

    Exploring the War Arguments - part 27
    2003-03-05 21:10:36

    Turkey Chickens Out
    2003-03-04 23:13:31

    Human Shields Buckle
    2003-03-04 20:29:13

    China: handle with care
    2003-02-28 01:35:25

    Silly Saddam's al-Samouds
    2003-02-26 14:55:00

    Geoff Comes out Swinging
    2003-02-26 11:54:34

    AIDS Vaccine Fails
    2003-02-26 10:18:11

    Nato Caves
    2003-02-17 23:02:30

    London Central - the subsidization .. changes
    2003-02-17 21:49:33

    Islamic Solidarity
    2003-02-16 10:46:59

    Sovereignty - Land, Property or People?
    2003-02-16 00:09:29

    Osama Backs Saddam
    2003-02-14 18:43:17

    Take the Money and Run!
    2003-02-14 18:15:34

    Unconscionable Objections in ADF
    2003-02-14 08:45:28

    Coming War
    2003-02-09 01:16:04

    Contractural Obligations - the good oil on Iraq
    2003-02-06 21:57:41

    Baghdad's Economy about to Boom
    2003-02-02 11:25:08

    Declaration of a Declaration of War!
    2003-01-29 21:25:09

    Iraqi Deaths - How Many is Too Many?
    2003-01-27 11:59:23

    Keeping the Beggars Defiant
    2003-01-26 11:20:49

    Extinguishing the Fire Service
    2003-01-23 18:43:14

    SAS Determined Not to be Late For the War
    2003-01-23 00:03:41

    Where Was the Goverment?
    2003-01-22 22:54:42

    Religious Canberra Witnesses Burning Bush
    2003-01-20 18:13:39

    Simon Says No War (without permission)
    2003-01-15 23:51:35

    Hilaly Fiasco
    2003-01-15 23:07:12

    Muslims Defend 'Jihad'
    2003-01-15 00:39:58

    Playboy Dictator Pulls Out
    2003-01-12 21:33:46

    Would You Like Ricin With That, Old Chap?
    2003-01-12 14:35:22

    Political Waves in Pacific Solution
    2003-01-12 14:33:55

    Guns not yet Smoking In Iraq
    2003-01-12 14:33:07

    China Blocks Blogspot
    2003-01-12 14:32:29

    Arresting Islamic Movement
    2003-01-07 21:11:26

    ABC Changes Hands
    2003-01-04 16:03:45

    Chechen Rebel Yell!
    2003-01-04 15:49:51

    Happy New Year - Now, Bye Bye
    2003-01-01 11:51:08

    A Regime Change in the Air
    2002-12-31 00:05:24

    North Korea's Showdown
    2002-12-29 01:35:21

    Lies, Damned Lies and Political Statistics
    2002-12-28 22:17:51

    The Right Man for Job
    2002-12-28 21:28:13

    Clarity lost in Drug Haze
    2002-12-27 20:58:09

    Underage 'Dating' in Japan
    2002-12-27 14:44:28

    Shooting Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City
    2002-12-24 13:48:04

    Bomb Building in Australia
    2002-12-23 23:29:00

    Material Breach
    2002-12-22 01:15:44

    All Quiet on the Middle Eastern Front
    2002-12-18 00:39:02

    CIA - All Revved Up and No-one to Kill
    2002-12-18 00:26:36

    14000 Rejectees Vanish
    2002-12-14 15:55:34

    MPs Take Terrorist Positions
    2002-12-14 13:18:03

    The Devolution of Freedom
    2002-12-14 12:15:56

    Tinkering at the Welfare Margins
    2002-12-13 23:10:34

    Sparks Fly Over Cattle Prod Claims
    2002-12-12 20:48:06

    Island Christmas Party for Detainees
    2002-12-09 15:00:59

    Moral Hazard Today: Extreme
    2002-12-08 13:04:15

    Carmen: In Loving Memory
    2002-12-05 19:32:50

    Working for the Dole - down on the Farm
    2002-12-05 08:24:41

    Whine Quietly or the Neighbors Will Hear
    2002-12-04 22:57:24

    'Buy nothing day' unattractive for discerning shoppers.
    2002-12-04 00:24:54

    No asylum seeker shall be in detention from ..?
    2002-12-02 20:45:47

    First Strike - Preemptive Defence or Western Aggression?
    2002-12-02 19:55:51

    Prime Minister Hints at Tax Cuts
    2002-12-02 00:03:22

    A Good Start
    2002-11-30 18:51:10

    Weapons of Mass Distraction
    2002-11-30 01:13:23

    Greens to Drop Voting Age to 16
    2002-11-28 18:18:48

    Classroom Feminism - The Ongoing War Against Boys
    2002-11-27 23:19:36

    Agism - Now White Males can be Victims Too
    2002-11-27 20:39:44

    Not Australians, But They Still Call Australia Home
    2002-11-25 19:16:53

    Undressing Muslim Women
    2002-11-25 09:32:46

    Your Contract With Society
    2002-11-24 21:01:18

    The Big Dot Con
    2002-11-23 23:48:40

    Saddam and George - Still Not Getting On
    2002-11-22 01:30:37

    JI Imports Courtesy of UNHCR Idiocy
    2002-11-22 00:42:45

    Speak English?
    2002-11-21 23:48:38

    Banning the Burqa
    2002-11-21 22:31:14

    Friendly Fire - The Smiling Assassin
    2002-11-14 21:54:16

    Naked Protest
    2002-11-14 21:51:20

    Noel Pearson: Vision, Insight and Criticism - but no Solutions.
    2002-11-11 22:16:45

    US War Technology - Beautiful to Behold
    2002-11-11 19:02:41

    For All Her Faults We Love Her So ..
    2002-11-08 20:11:45

    Multiculturalism Withering on the Vine
    2002-11-07 18:21:16

    Water Theft
    2002-11-06 22:33:17

    Another round of anti-Australian hatred
    2002-11-06 22:32:12

    Howard Government Waters Down Free Market Ideals
    2002-11-05 20:40:49

    Elephants? I'll Have Mine Poached
    2002-11-04 20:45:14

    ASIO Hounds Suspected JI Sympathizers
    2002-11-03 23:37:01

    Melbourne Water Nazis - Socially Programming Hitler Youth
    2002-11-02 08:56:16

    Casting the First Stone
    2002-10-29 22:23:38

    Putin is the Man
    2002-10-28 01:10:54

    Simon Crean's Unsurpassed Hypocrisy
    2002-10-26 18:56:04

    Megawati - Cap in Hand
    2002-10-26 18:11:01

    Russia's Reluctant Part in the Theater of War
    2002-10-26 00:30:40

    Children Overboard Ploy Backfires
    2002-10-24 23:28:11

    Shooting off at the Mouth
    2002-10-23 17:36:42

    Can Islam be Redeemed?
    2002-10-21 21:55:44

    Saddam's Odd Thank-you
    2002-10-21 19:46:07

    Greens Win Gold - but ALP Adrift
    2002-10-21 19:34:42

    Don't fight back - it Only Makes Them Angrier
    2002-10-20 10:41:29

    The Rational Warmonger - Cost Benefit Analysis
    2002-10-16 23:43:36

    Measure Your IQ!
    2002-10-14 22:51:07

    Bob's Open Border Solution
    2002-10-13 22:02:50

    We are at War
    2002-10-13 16:41:57

    Tears of Allah's Laughter
    2002-10-11 21:17:53

    New View on Privacy Tradeoffs
    2002-10-08 21:59:12

    War Tax becomes a Tax War
    2002-10-07 00:43:12

    Meningococcal - Sinners Exchanging Bodily Fluids
    2002-10-06 11:51:13

    Simon Says ..
    2002-10-06 11:20:44

    The Yes Man
    2002-10-06 11:16:14

    The Problems that Just Won't Go Away
    2002-10-01 23:06:04

    Housing Bubble Set to Burst
    2002-10-01 23:04:59

    Give Peace a Chance
    2002-09-29 09:38:10

    Genethics still in foetal stage
    2002-09-26 18:48:38

    Saddam's Winter of Discontent
    2002-09-21 22:19:12

    Saddam Blinks
    2002-09-18 08:13:34

    The Ruddocks: Wall to Wall Lawyers
    2002-09-16 21:43:33

    Subsidizing Infantile Logic
    2002-09-16 17:46:56

    Haunted By Tampa Tantrums
    2002-09-15 18:45:47

    Bitter Little Pill for the UN
    2002-09-15 13:08:40

    Drama Queens Seeking Direction
    2002-09-11 00:09:12

    Bush Cooking: The House of Saud?
    2002-09-09 22:00:48

    Bush Burning to Go
    2002-09-08 21:51:00

    Top 10 Worst Reasons to Ratify Kyoto
    2002-09-08 11:32:43

    Top 10 Reasons NOT to Ratify Kyoto
    2002-09-08 11:32:06

    The Song Remains the Same
    2002-09-03 22:37:44

    Australia's History Fades to Gray
    2002-08-31 10:55:17

    Earth Summit Reaches Pinnacle of Stupidity
    2002-08-30 01:03:02

    East Timor's Midwife Becomes its Wetnurse
    2002-08-26 21:02:45

    Baktiari Fiasco Beyond a Joke
    2002-08-25 23:47:07

    Who's Democracy is it?
    2002-08-23 18:54:57

    No Brains. No looks. Sheep
    2002-08-21 22:57:07

    Hate Crime?
    2002-08-18 23:23:56

    Victims of Success
    2002-08-18 15:51:58

    Killing Compassion
    2002-08-16 16:48:38

    No Place Like Home
    2002-08-15 18:57:33

    Getting Taiwan Strait
    2002-08-15 16:12:31

    The Mother of all Strategies
    2002-08-14 02:48:14

    Giving It Back
    2002-08-10 14:50:23

    Abbott and Costello. Abbott's on Second.
    2002-08-06 22:38:13

    Prohibition over for Johhny Walker
    2002-08-05 04:48:11

    Sinking like a SIEV
    2002-07-31 09:52:51

    US War Machine - Scalpel or Bulldozer
    2002-07-30 00:00:00

    The Andrews - Keeping the Bitches Honest
    2002-07-29 00:00:00

    Government Airs Dirty Laundry - Quietly
    2002-07-28 00:00:00

    Musical Chairs in the Senate
    2002-07-27 00:00:00

    New Export Market For Australia - Detention Videos
    2002-07-23 00:00:00

    Asylum Seeker Claims and Testability
    2002-07-22 00:00:00

    You Will Not Be Allowed to Assimilate
    2002-07-20 00:00:00

    UK Rejects Rejectees
    2002-07-18 00:00:00

    Laying the Boot Into the Desk Nazi
    2002-07-17 00:00:00

    Telstra Options
    2002-07-16 00:00:00

    The Lebanese Hate Crime
    2002-07-15 00:00:00

    Who's Water is it Anyway?
    2002-07-12 00:00:00

    Dr Smoothy Gets the Rough End of the Pineapple
    2002-07-10 00:00:00

    Carr's True Color Sensitivities
    2002-07-09 00:00:00

    Keep That Blood Out of My Gene-pool
    2002-07-08 00:00:00

    And the Winner is - Simon Crean!
    2002-07-06 00:00:00

    Cheryl's Little Secret
    2002-07-04 00:00:00

    Cheryl Laments - 'I was menopausal'
    2002-07-03 00:00:00

    Cheryl Kernot Book P Review
    2002-06-29 00:00:00

    Liberals Double Barrel Dissolution
    2002-06-19 00:00:00

    ALP Hunkers Down For a Long Opposition
    2002-06-18 00:00:00

    Mainland or Bust
    2002-06-09 00:00:00

    Commonsense Escapes Labour's Mandatory Detention Policy
    2002-05-25 00:00:00

    Theophanous Goes Down
    2002-05-23 00:00:00

    Multicultural Tolerance Takes On New Meaning For Asylum Seekers
    2002-05-20 00:00:00

    Lifesavers and Responsibility
    2002-05-19 00:00:00

    Australia's International Obligations
    2002-05-16 00:00:00

    Baise-Moi - the Real Victims Are the Public
    2002-05-14 00:00:00

    Reject Refugees Humiliated
    2002-05-13 00:00:00

    George Asks Koffe's Advice
    2002-05-04 00:00:00

    The Curtin Comes Up On Detainees
    2002-04-22 00:00:00

    Don't be Caught Dead With Infidels
    2002-04-16 00:00:00

    This Rose Still Smells Sweet
    2002-04-16 00:00:00

    Russians Object to Having Detention Center Near Their Spaceport
    2002-04-16 00:00:00

    Brogden Darts Into the Fray
    2002-04-06 00:00:00

    Fortress Australia Beseiged
    2002-04-02 00:00:00

    Porn on Palestine TV
    2002-04-02 00:00:00

    The Joke's on the Gypsies
    2002-04-01 00:00:00

    Sea Levels Rising Faster Than Median IQ
    2002-03-31 00:00:00

    Commonsense Overboard
    2002-03-30 00:00:00

    Israelis Double Parked
    2002-03-02 00:00:00

    Fat Boy
    2001-09-01 00:00:00

    Drugs? Not a problem!
    2001-09-01 00:00:00

    Waddling OK, But Don't Come Up For Air Too Quickly
    2001-09-01 00:00:00

    Pauline You Pussy!
    2001-09-01 00:00:00

    Jaded Old Woman
    2001-09-01 00:00:00

    Not Stolen - Just Borrowed
    2001-09-01 00:00:00

    US-Sino Relations Fouled Up
    2001-09-01 00:00:00